Some Music

Below I have an open source Flash player with music portions in the MP3 format. If you have version 10 or higher of Adobe Flash installed on your computer, you can play these music files.

Get the current version of flash player at

Helpful hint: If you want to click on one of the links above while listening to music, hold down your "Ctrl" key and hit the "N" key. This should bring up a fresh browser window. Then you can then click on other links while leaving the music player window open too.

"...No Love Today none tomorrow not now not forever
You can't see what comes for free I think you much too clever
For your own good I will tell you what's right before your eyes
Intelligence is no defense against what this implies
In the end no one will sell you what you need
You can't buy it off the shelf
You got to grow it from the seed..."
Chris Smither 1999

Or there is the old cigar box guitar . . . and more..