An Origami Self-Portrait

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Origami is the art and craft of paper folding that originated in the orient.
In the strictest sense, no cutting or pasting is allowed and only one piece of paper is used per project (modular projects exist however).
Traditionally origami paper is square, often colored on one side and white on the other. This allows the designer and/or folder to create certain details such as folding a black penguin with a white belly. The only deviation I make from the strict tradition described above is to create origami objects from dollar bills. These projects are nice because the bills are handy and people are sure that there have been no cuts. Many people enjoy watching the creation of a cat, pecock or bowtie with their money right before their eyes.
I bought my first origami book when I was very young but in my 30's I decided to see if there were more complex and realistic designs intended for the adult folder. Today I prefer the origami patterns designed by an American named John John Montroll. His designs and instructions are easy enough to follow and his projects are beautiful.
It is not uncommon to spend 4 hours completing a complex project.

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